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I'll Know It When I See It

Posted by The Art Hound on

Last week I finished Edward Docx new novel “Let Go My Hand”. The character of the dying academic father takes his three dysfunctional sons to see the Palaeolithic cave paintings in France before he dies. The raw power of human creativity hits them hard. Art transforms us and makes us see the world afresh. It makes sense of our existence. Then I saw Spike Lee on TV discussing his new film “BlacKkKlansman”, speaking passionately about acts of creativity in the modern world, about how art can have an impact of our state of mind, how art influences the decisions we...

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Abstract Art: From Gallery & into the home

Posted by Tom Arnold on

 As a gallery dealing in Modern & Contemporary Art, Abstract art is a cornerstone of our stock, as would be expected, given that it has formed a central stream in the Modern Art movement since circa 1900. However, over a century of abstraction has not lessened its power to divide opinion. Commonly overheard in the gallery are the classic phrases - “I don't get abstract art”, “What is it meant to be?” or  the ubiquitous “My kid could do that”. Many people see abstract art as something to be viewed at the Tate and would be happy to stroll around...

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