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Richard Hambleton, known as the godfather of street art first became famous in NYC especially around the Lower East Side and Tribeca areas in the 80’s for painting Shadowy figures on the dark gritty alleys and tenement style buildings around the city at night – some even looked as though they were part of a crime scene.  Hambleton used to paint the streets alongside Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat – some nights Hambleton would paint one of his Shadowy figures and Basquiat would come along and add to the figure.

Unlike Hambleton’s counterparts who tragically died very young – he started to paint his ‘shadow’ works as gallery work pieces for many more years, which led to other famous and iconic pieces within his portfolio of works such as ‘Shadowman’, ‘The Rodeo Man’, ‘The Marlboro Man’ and his landscape works - with his works seeing an increase by 16,000 % upwards at Sotheby’s for the last few years of his life before his death in 2017.

Investment Opportunity

Since Hambleton’s death – his iconic pieces of work have been in even higher demand and collected by everyone from private art collectors to celebrities and HNW’s.  We are working with a personal friend of Richards’ who has access to the last remaining original paintings from Richard’s archives that have never been seen at auction.  This is a finite and rare opportunity to acquire these pieces.  

Why Now?

It has been four years since Hambleton’s death and with the death of an artist comes the finite aspect of the works.  We have seen his works hugely increase over relatively short timescales in recent months.  Within months of his death, his 1984 piece, Fountain of Youth II, sold at Sotheby's for $150,000, an impressive leap in value for an artist who had until recently been mainly selling in the thousands. But private sellers reported that they were selling Hambleton’s for even more than that, citing figures between $500,000 and $1 million. So it was no surprise that in 2018 his 1983 painting, As The World Burns, was auctioned off for some $552,000 at ARTCURIAL in Paris. As Ghada Dergham, one of Hambleton's biggest collectors, said: 'Given Richard's reputation, I think the sad truth is that a lot of people were waiting for him to pass away because that's when whatever they owned would be worth so much more.'

Rizzoli are publishing a book on Hambleton set to release May 2023, and it is noteworthy that after Rizzoli published Banksy’s book his works increased by 226% in the subsequent few months that followed. In addition, there is a world-wide exhibition of his works starting next year and the game-changing news of a Hollywood film that has achieved its funding and it currently with a very exciting film director in Hollywood turning the story into a screen play set for release in the next 2-3 years. The equivalent film of Basquiat’s story saw his work fetch tens of millions following its release.


Shadowman Documentary by Oren Jacoby on Amazon
“I consider his works as figurative Jackson Pollock,’” New York gallerist Hong Gyu Shin recently told Artnet. “I believe he is one of the most important American figurative painters and street artists. I’m confident that his market will keep appreciating”.
“People often compare Richard and Basquiat. Richard is Richard, though I think his market will become as big Basquiat’s, as big as Pollock’s, and as big as de Kooning.”
As art collector Robert Murphy says, somewhat sadly, of Hambleton during the nineties: '’He was a side note at that time, selling his art for nothing to anyone who would buy it.”
Sales aside, he was also known from time to time to exchange paintings for a fancy dinner or indeed for drugs. And in his prime Hambleton used to trade paintings with other artists in his milieu - according to their self-applied system, one Hambleton was worth four works by Basquiat. (A Basquiat, it should be noted, sold privately to hedge fund manager Ken Griffin for $100 million this June.)

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Examples of current Investment works:

Red and Black Shadow Man Head on Paper
Signed and dated Front Right
18 x 22 inches

Gold Shadow Head on paper
Signed Front Right
14 x 22 inches

Self Portrait on canvas
Signed and Titled Verso and Front Right
18 x 12 inches

Large Shadow Head on canvas
Signed and Dated Lower Left
18 x 24 inches

Horse & Rider – Black
Screen print on fine art paper
Limited Edition of 100
Hand Signed and Numbered by the Artist Lower Right
16 x 18 inches

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