Alan Reynolds - Yellow Moth (Framed)

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  • 1969
  • Colour Etching with Aquatint
  • Edition of 20
  • Signed, dated and tilted
  • Framed in a natural finish frame
  • 30cm x 25cm (Image) 52cm x 43cm (Frame)



Alan Reynolds  

Alan Reynolds studied at the Royal College of Art, and went on to teach at the Central School of Art and Design and at then St Martin's. As a young artist he was predominantly a landscape painter, frequently making reference to the Suffolk countryside where he grew up. The art world was shocked when his work shifted from neo-romanticism to hard-edged abstraction in the 1960s; however his landscapes had always had a strong geometric rhythm and precision that makes the leap into abstraction not wholly unprecedented. This rare etching from the late 60's is important because it demonstrates his paring-down of natural forms that is a crucial, and sometimes overlooked, part of his transition to abstraction.