Charlotte Cooper - Lick the End, Burn the Skin (Framed)

  • £270.00

“We wore our safety pins on the inside of our clothes” - Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads)
  • 2019
  • 1 Colour Screenprint on 300gsm paper with hand embellished Swarovski Crystals
  • Unique, Edition of 1
  • Signed, numbered and dated
  • Produced exclusively for the Art Hound Gallery Punk and Printmaking show “Neat, Neat, Neat”
  • 57cm x 38cm (Unframed) 70cm x 50cm (Framed)
  • Framed in a black box frame, with a black window mount


Charlotte Cooper is a contemporary artist who trained at the Cambridge School of Art (Anglia Ruskin University) on their highly respected illustration degree course. Charlotte specialises in printmaking and combines traditional linocut techniques with Pop Culture images and motifs. Her greatest influences are film and music and you’ll discover references from Radiohead to Rocky Horror in her work.

Charlotte’s interest in the darker side of stories and fairy tales is also explored, often with a Cronenberg and Tim Burton inspired twist and a swear word or two, expressing a frustration and commentary on contemporary life and society. Her limited edition prints will often include hand-painted elements and hand-applied collage media making each a unique piece of work.

Charlotte is The Art Hound Gallery’s in-house artist and designer.