Illuminati Neon - Live Fast Die Young Neon



  • 2020
  • Hand blown red neon and green powder coated argon on hand sourced distressed oak board with glitter finish, hand painted with original subculture British Outlaw Motorcycle symbol which was made famous by Malcolm McLaren, Vivien Westwood and The Sex Pistols
  • Unique work, Edition of 1
  • Signed and titled verso
  • 48cm x 76cm (Board)




London based artist Mark Illuminati draws on his real punk roots and lifelong passion for rock music for his dynamic neon art works.

Illuminati’s work evokes the raw power of a misspent youth living on tour buses with the likes of The Sex Pistols and The Damned. ⁣
⁣His art is a joyful celebration of the legacy of anarchy in the UK with a glamorous contemporary flair. 

Using vintage and historic flags, clothing and distressed materials, each neon art piece is hand blown to the highest standard and created in Illuminati's west London studio. His works are also available in print form with each piece  individually painted and customised with hand applied gems and crystals before being framed by the artist in hand sourced and customised ornate frames.  

⁣Illuminati is collected by musicians, actors and Hollywood stars across the globe who are often seen photographed with their works: from Danny Dyer to Trey Parker, Boy George, Elton John and of course multiple punk icons themselves including members of The Sex Pistols. ⁣

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