Mabel Fox - Panagaeus Crux Major

  • £49.00

• Linocut print 
• 30cm x 30cm
• Edition of 50 (aside from Edition in Gold, which is an Edition of 20)
• Signed and inscribed with Edition No.  
• Available in different colour variations
Panagaeus Crux Major is the beetle discovered by Charles Darwin whilst at Cambridge.

Mabel Fox


Mabel Fox is the creation of artist Katherine Farrell, who works solely in the labour intensive medium of hand carved original linocut prints. Inspired by Scandinavian design and folk imagery, she originally created the series of woodland animal and creatures to entertain her family members, whom the animals are all named after. She has also created a series of prints based on the beetle, Panagaeus Crux Major - a rare insect discovered by Charles Darwin during his time in Cambridge.

Katherine uses eco-friendly techniques and water based ink to create her prints, which are all printed by hand in her home studio, rather than by press, making her work a fascinating mix of contemporary design, folk tales and ancient print making.

Mabel Fox prints are all hand signed limited editions, but each print is unique due to the process and you can expect to find varieties of colour, texture and pattern on every work. The Art Hound Gallery is currently the sole physical stockist of Mabel Fox.