Renee Spierdijk - Strong Gaze Roma Girl

Renee Spierdijk - Strong Gaze Roma Girl

  • £600.00

  • Silkscreen with Monoprinted colour
  • Unique Edition of 1
  • Signed and numbered
  • 79.5cm x 74.5cm (Sheet)
  • Framing Available

If ordering framed, please e-mail after your order, to start your bespoke framing consultation.

Renee Spierdijk  

Renee Spierdijk was Born in Amsterdam and trained at The Byam Shaw School of Art where she gained an L.D.A.D. and B.S.Dip. Hons. and an MA from Goldsmith's College in 1987. She has been a professional artist for over 30 years and has had her work exhibited in major galleries and spaces, including the prestigious BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Renee is both a highly technical painter and a printmaker, using a wide variety of media in her works: from oil paint to gold leaf, to silkscreens to mono printing, she often details individual prints with handmade stencils and calligraphy.

Renee works either on a one off basis or in tiny editions, so whilst the original image may be the same through a series each piece is entirely different.

The overriding through line of Renee’s work is the expressions on the faces of unknown female children and young adults, caught in a moment of time. Renee works from vintage photographs which she finds discarded in skips or hidden away in old libraries. The faces from these photos are initially painted and sometimes made into individual highly intricate one off prints. The soulful but entirely unsentimental expressions on the faces of the subjects she chooses are transformed through Renee’s plethora of techniques, elevating them and creating a Warhol-esque quality in the finished pieces. Renee has an obsession with American culture and folk music, she will often work to music incorporating for example Jonny Cash lyrics in an automatic writing style into her pieces.