Muhammad Ali Unique Art Print by Steve Smythe

Steve Smythe - Ali - If Your Dreams (Muhammad Ali)

  • £490.00

  • 2018
  • Screenprint with Hand Painted Colour and Hand Written Text on Somerset 300gsm Paper.
  • Edition of 1 (Each Steve Smythe Print is totally Unique)
  • Signed, Date Stamped and Blind Stamped
  • 72cm x 52.5cm (Sheet)
  • Framing Available

Steve Smythe's 'Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee' is the perfect partner to this work. 

If ordering framed please e-mail after ordering to start your bespoke framing consultation. 



Steve Smythe is a British Contemporary artist, who pushes the boundaries of the now established mediums of collage and screen printing. Coming from a graphic design background, he explores the idea of graphic work with an added unique painterly quality.

Steve’s work is a microcosm of homages to the greats of typography such as Christopher Wool, the 20th century screen printing masters - Rauschenberg and Warhol, the artists of the mixed media focused Nouveau Réalisme movement and finally, street art in its very purest form - graffiti, torn posters and advertising images. This is all added to his own take on Pop Culture and its associated messages and imagery.

Eschewing the idea of printed ‘Limited Editions’ for his work, Steve Smythe creates a unique piece of art with every print. Each piece is a heavily worked paper that can includes screen printing, layered colleges and papers, printed or hand drawn text, stamps and hand painted colour, creating a work rich in details, spontaneity and texture.