International Women's Day 2019

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The Art Hound is 2/3rds female. Of those 2 thirds one of us trained as an artist, the other trained as an actor and theatre director. Both of us trained at some of the most prestigious institutes for the arts, both of us have had commercial and critical success, with a full professional career for the actor/director spanning nearly 25 years. One of us is also the co-director and co-owner of the business.


Despite this - we are often referred to in the industry as ‘the girls’, the girls who would make the work, do the menial tasks and be expected to work for free. Invites arrive addressed only to the man of the Art Hound, assumptions are immediately made that the male owns the business and we are his helpers, the females are asked by the public if they are the artists, while the male is asked if he owns it. 


Our client list is unusually male orientated for a creative retail business. Women enter the gallery and declare all the work to be ‘art for boys’ - and are then shocked at the reply that everything is chosen by a woman. Art is not gendered. Pop Art is not gendered, Abstract Art is not gendered. Flowers are for everyone. Bright colours and graphics do not make art just for a male, even if a male makes it. It makes our heart sing when women choose work that they really love - because for the first time they have a real choice in artwork which speaks to who they are as individuals. A 'pretty' muted landscape is not a default option. 

We love our female artists - we seek women who make art for women like us  - and everyone else. But we still see the art landscape as too white male dominated. 


So here’s what we are proud of on International Women’s Day;


The Art Hound is gender all inclusive - men and women work together as equals.

The Art Hound is co-owned by a woman, who is also the creative director.

Each and every work/artist is chosen by a woman. 

We celebrate and support the careers of contemporary female artists by promoting and selling their work. 

One of our very top contemporary artists is a woman. 

We tell the story and show the work of some of the most important female artists - especially those whose stories need re-telling. 

Stay tuned for a very exciting collaboration project with an underground all female print making collective...

Natasha & Charlotte (The female 2/3rds of The Art Hound)





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