We are able to offer an ‘at home’ service for clients. We understand the stress and frustration of discovering a piece you connect with in our gallery or online, but the eternal questions of ‘Will it go in the room?’ and ‘Will it fit the space?’ stop you deciding to bring it home. You may have a blank wall, a difficult space or a new home that you need help discovering the perfect piece for.


This is where The Art Hound Gallery step in. We are able to provide a bespoke ‘at home’ experience, where we arrive at your home with a carefully curated selection of works to trial in your own rooms. We’ll discuss the pieces and artists with you in the comfort of your own surroundings, and make suggestions based on your tastes and interests.


We arrange a meeting with you to come into the gallery for a one-to-one discussion beforehand , so we can find out your preferences and select your works. We’ll carefully hand pick them based on our meeting - but we’ll always include a few interesting wildcards in the mix!


For more information on our home service contact us at:


Or give us a call on:

01223 262033 

 Please note we can only provide our 'At Home' service within 10 miles of Cambridge. Please contact us for further information.