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Strange and Unusual

April 24, 2018

Strange and Unusual

As the gallery Assistant working Monday-Wednesday I get the fun job of photographing and cataloguing all the new things that come through the gallery door. I’d like to think that we here at the Art Hound like a bit of the weird and wonderful, and as Lydia Deetz once said “I myself am strange and unusual”. My love of art has always been heavily influenced by film, particularly cult classic horror and pretty much any director that likes to indulge in a large prop department and special effects crew. My dissertation was written about David Cronenberg’s use of visual special effects and monstrous props so that should give you a good idea of the kind of filmmaking I like - Gore, monsters and things that go bump in the night!


So with that in mind you can understand my excitement when we get things like this in the gallery. This “Zombie Flesh Eaters” poster is a 2011 Screenprint, made by Artist Jock and distributed by an American company called Mondo. This particular print is from an Edition of 280. It’s super exciting to come across a company that not only re-makes cult classic movie posters, but also prints them in the traditional way to a high standard. In my opinion this shows the film the respect it deserves and also highlights that fact that movie posters were originally seen as a piece of artwork. 


Another print that unsurprisingly caught my eye is this fantastic 2017 Screenprint “Alien Handbill” in Metallic Gold by Tyler Stout. Stout is an American artist well known for his alternative Pop Culture illustrations and similarly to Jock also works for the American company Mondo. His work is rare in UK not only making this piece a Sci-Fi lovers dream because it includes one of the scariest aliens of all time (who can forget when that chest burster decides to join Ripley and her crew for dinner), but it also makes this item a good investment - I can imagine it would look awesome in a red or gold frame! 

These two pieces are currently only available in the gallery, you just need to be brave enough to come in and talk to us - I promise we won’t bite!


Written by Charlotte, Gallery Assistant