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This Ain't No Art Shop

June 16, 2018

This Ain't No Art Shop

A good Art Gallery is a not a just shop to buy house decorations. A Gallery is cultural space. A place to champion creativity, thoughts, ideas both new and old, and to engage with art and its commentary on the world. It is a place to engage with culture and to escape the increasingly ubiquitous high street experience.

Buying a great artwork is not equivalent to a simply buying a nice picture.

Although of course great artwork may well be stunningly beautiful, it may also be initially challenging, disturbing, or confusing. 

Many of us hate “shopping”; we loathe the nature of modern high street retail and so we disconnect from the “hard sell” on the one hand to the total lack of client attention on the other. As a consequence of this modern retail phenomenon we don’t really engage with one another for fear of being judged, hassled, ignored, or worst of all fooled. 

One consequence is that the commercial can become distinct from the cultural in our subconscious. Andy Warhol would not be best pleased, in his own words: “Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art”.

We all know of numerous brilliant artists whose estimations soar after their deaths, when we are able to look back objectively and feel safe: it’s ok for us to look at works by dead painters in famous museums but we daren’t ask questions or talk to snooty gallerists! 

At The Art Hound we don’t want artists to cut their ears off or to starve, we want them to be respected, loved, and to be paid (gasp!) just as we all are, for their hard work and cultural contributions. Helping to achieve this is the role of the Gallerist.

Sounds a bit intimidating but it’s not such a bad gig, we do get to look at pictures all day after all.