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Channel 138 - Girl Gang (Framed)


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“Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard” - X-Ray Spex - O Bondage Up Yours

  • 2019
  • 2 Colour Screenprint on 300gsm Somerset paper
  • Edition of 1, from a series of 20
  • Signed, numbered and dated by Channel 138 Artists: Cherry Bomb and Bunny Lebowski
  • Produced exclusively for the Art Hound Gallery Punk and Printmaking show “Neat, Neat, Neat”
  • 76cm x 57cm (Unframed) 84.5cm x 65.5cm (Framed)
  • Framed in a black box frame, float mounted on a white background


“No Fucks Given Printing - All mistakes are deliberate and each imperfection makes it more beautiful”

Channel 138 is an all female underground urban print making collective. Under pseudonyms, the artists work together or separately on a series of unique prints which utilise screenprinting, painting, spray paint, graffiti markers, collage and other experimental mediums.

The process of creation is crucial, with each piece being printed and painted to a particular soundtrack or film background which links to the work. Each print is unique in its own right, though usually part of an overall series, as the work is made through improvisation and attitude. All mistakes or imperfections are included in the finished print to be celebrated as part of the hand made process and rebellion against the notion of perfection.

The work mainly explores Pop Culture - in the contemporary age, the 20th century and even through the centuries -  as well the cult of fandom, all through a female perspective.

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