Jayson Lilley - From Primrose Hill


  • Hand Pulled Screen Print with Gold Leaf & Ink
  • Edition of 39
  • Printed on archival board
  • Signed, Titled and Numbered
  • Unframed size 107cm x 48cm 

If ordering framed, please e-mail framing@thearthoundgallery.com after your order, to start your bespoke framing consultation. 

Jayson Lilley

Jayson Lilley is a contemporary British landscape artist whose works document the changing skylines of our most iconic cities.

As the skylines of the cities evolve and the monumental becomes enveloped by the contemporary, Lilley draws a focus on the temporality of these seemingly permanent landscapes. Mirroring his subject, as the traditional forms and materials of the city evolve, so does Lilley’s practice. Using screen printing as his starting point, Lilley incorporates collage, painting and drawing to develop a practice of innovative printmaking that expands the traditional boundaries of the printed medium.

Lilley graduated from the University for the Creative Arts. His works have been exhibited throughout the world in solo and group exhibitions, including the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, ING Discerning Eye and Westmorland Landscape Art Prize.



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