Contemporary Art with a Rock n'Roll edge!

Kate Boxer - Dick Turpin Leaving For York (Framed)


  • Drypoint Etching
  • Edition of 30
  • Signed and numbered
  • 76cm x 81cm (Framed)
  • Framed in a white box frame, up to edge of the print


Kate Boxer is a painter and print maker working in Sussex, where she was born. She trained as an artist via classes in London art schools in the early 1990’s and has been working as a fine artist ever since, exhibiting in many galleries nationwide.

Kate’s work focuses on the eccentric nature of both animals and humans, and often blurring the lines between the two, giving animals human qualities and vice versa. Her subjects range from famous individuals (Batman, Napoleon, Dick Turpin to name but a few) to various animals - dogs, wolves, rabbits - all of which are given the same iconic status as her human ‘celebrities’ in her work. The filmmaker Bruno Wolheim said that Kate’s animals come “from a fierce understanding of their innate spirit. The snake, bison, or sand-bird are above all themselves, they express their own independence and individuality, with all the implicit comic tragedy… they are free.”

Her prints and etchings often feature hand coloured and hand worked areas in mediums such as oil pastels, gouache and even real flowers - leaving textures and depth to the piece and making each piece unique in it’s own right. All prints are also limited edition and hand signed.

Kate often works alongside a number of other The Art Hound Gallery artists, including abstract Swiss artist Francois Pont and fellow animal enthusiast Basia Lautman. The trio often exhibited together informally as ‘The Chocolate Group’ and master print maker Francois often makes prints of Kate’s original work.

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