Contemporary Art with a Rock n'Roll edge!

Lauren Baker - Intuitively Floating 2, 2022



  • Reflective lenticular of four abstract paintings, white wood box frame
  • Four abstract paintings merged flowing through lenticular form. 
  • Unframed: 50x50x1cm
  • Framed: 53.2 x 53.2 x 4cm
  • Framed with anti reflective glass 

Representing the many different paths in life. Sometimes we move so fast that paths flicker before us. Which will we take? Will we end up somewhere else? What about destiny? Will we get there anyway? Where is THERE? But hey, it’s all just HERE NOW. All paths look so intriguing and curious. There’s a desire to try all the paths. Yet, lets intuitively float, and remember to stay present along the way, remember, remember, remember.


Lauren Baker is a British contemporary multidisciplinary artist who exhibits internationally. Her work explores the fragility of life, energy-fields, the after-life and other dimensions. Using neon light to express her positive messages and life mantras, she aims to raise the vibration of love and connection in the world.

Lauren has created installations at The V&A, Tate Britain, ran an art workshop at Tate Modern and directed the windows of Selfridges.

Passionate about animals and conservation, Lauren is an ambassador for Save Wild Tigers. Her artwork has raised over £50k for charity.

Recent works involve neon, infinity mirror and kinetic sculpture. The creations include painted and embellished human resin skulls, animal skulls and sculpted animal heads. 

Lauren’s work is inspired by her time spent in the Peruvian Amazon, In 2012 her art career started with a life-changing trip to South America. Lauren joined a mosaic street-art project in Brazil and spent time in the Peruvian Amazon jungle surrounded by dense vegetation and wildlife. She then researched the best place to study mosaic in the world and developed her skills in Venice.

Lauren's latest work continues to explore the possibilities of our connection to the Universe and the Cosmos, energy fields and the notion that we really are all made of Stardust. Light remains her main material to collaborate with, whether neon light, diamond dust, mirrors, or glow in the dark screenprint inks. The Art Hound Gallery presented Lauren Baker's solo show 'The Immensity of the Universe' at Moniker, Brick Lane, London, October 2018 which took further her exploration of light - using plastic explosives to simultaneously destroy and give birth to new artworks. 

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