Contemporary Art with a Rock n'Roll edge!

Will Wright - WYRM - Hand Finished POSCA Marker and Hand Painted



  • 2020
  • Unique Work 1/1
  • Linocut relief print with traditional relief inks on Stonehenge Aqua 300 gsm, hand finished with POSCA markers and hand painted artwork
  • Signed, numbered 1/1 and dated
  • 39cm x 25cm (Unframed)
  • Framing Available, please e-mail after your order, to start your bespoke framing consultation.

If ordering framed, please e-mail after your order, to start your bespoke framing consultation.

Wyrm design is the serpent at the base of the world tree, a global shamanic concept, it represents the power of the lower realms, governing sexual energies, DNA, the underworld, and our mushroom allies. The word 'Wyrm' is Old English and ties the work to the Northern European mysteries


Will Wright is a contemporary British artist, filmmaker and activist.

Growing up amongst his father's print business, ink was in his blood from a very early age: experimenting with letraset, markers and ink, as a child.

Influences such as 2000AD comic book, Trash VHS video tapes and Electro Hip Hop led Will on to directing music videos with notorious metal band Cradle of Filth, British action star Ed Skrein (Deadpool, Game of Thrones) and a host of UK talent. Art activism and esoteric study has led Will back to fine art with work that draws upon his wealth of experience.

His artwork incorporates symbolism derived from ancient spirituality, Northern European folklore and mythology within a distinctly urban context: Atomiser replaces spray can, tags become sigils and throw ups as shrines.