Contemporary Art with a Rock n'Roll edge!


Bambi is a contemporary female British street artist, whose works regularly appear in London. Her works primarily focus on contemporary female identity, responses to the patriarchy and other political, environmental and social injustices. Just like her contemporary Banksy, she works in stencilled graffiti - and keeps her identity secret. She has disclosed that she studied at St Martin’s School of Art. 

Bambi first gained attention for her works in Camden, featuring a tribute to Amy Winehouse (Amy-Jade, 2011) and her depiction of the Queen as the Queen of Diamonds featured in Time magazine of that year. Recent work which has spread through the media includes ‘Lie Lie Land’ featuring a dancing Trump and Teresa May, ‘Be as Naughty as you want’ with Princess Diana in the role of Mary Poppins with a Harrods bag and finally William and Kate emblazoned with the slogan ‘A Bit Like Marmite’. 

Collectors of her work include Rihanna, Brad Pitt and Adele.