Chris Bourke

Chris’ work is characterised by the use of strong text-based messages, often referring to the artist’s political opinions, issues of public morality and universal truths.

Bourke formerly trained as a silversmith and less formerly as a tattoo artist whilst running his own skateboard shop ‘Spine’ for eleven years. He now works full time as an artist but remains greatly influenced by the motifs and symbology of tattoo culture, as well as ‘religious iconography, music, nature, the struggle and little birdies.’

Since 2005 he has worked almost solely in the labour intensive medium of lino prints in his Worcester studio.

Every part of the printmaking process: the drawing, cutting and printing of each design, is done entirely by hand. This means that no two prints are the exactly same: there will always be subtle differences in each print due to the hand printing process. The prints are also sometimes hand coloured using acrylic or watercolour paint. Most are released as signed, numbered editions, or sometimes as individual ‘artist proofs’ – these are signed but not in a numbered edition.

He has produced work for Gravis, Volcom, MPORA, Howies, Nokia, el Jimador tequila and designed the Poetry of The Deed album cover for Frank Turner.