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Dark Side Of The Rainbow

The exclusive catalogue of artworks by renowned street artist Pegasus’ 2024 London exhibition:

Dark Side of The Rainbow

An extraordinary art exhibition by the renowned London street artist Pegasus whose vibrant creations have become synonymous with pop art brilliance. In this thought-provoking showcase, we delve into the historical tapestry that led to the monumental Stonewall event, seamlessly interwoven with the unmistakable touch of our elusive artist.
The pulsating energy of the streets meets the poignant narrative of pride as we navigate the intricate work and vivid hues that define "Dark Side of the Rainbow." Known for crafting pop art icons that captivate the soul, our artist takes us on a journey through time, illuminating the significant moments that paved the way for the Stonewall uprising and himself.
As we explore each canvas, the very essence of pride comes to life – a celebration of identity, resilience, and the unyielding spirit of a community fighting for its rightful place in history. The pop art brilliance, a signature of our artist, transforms historical figures into vibrant symbols of strength, unity, and the kaleidoscope of diversity that is the LGBTQ+ community.