Contemporary Art with a Rock n'Roll edge!

Tape Deck Art

Tony Dennis aka Tape Deck Art is a British contemporary artist with a passion for music and design who paints and creates giant pin badges.

Tony is an avid collector of vintage punk badges from the mid to late 1970's. In 2016 he created the concept of painting and making giant 3D badges replicating the designs and vintage condition of those in his collection. His process is two fold - firstly, the  detailed recreation of the design, involving hand painting, stencil and 'aging', secondly the 'manufacture' of the badge, involving vinyl wrapping, resin and metal backs to try and replicate the original methods. These unique pieces are featured in galleries and collections across the UK and the U.S.

Many works are inspired by iconic designs made by Better Badges from the years 1976 - 84, however the influences and reach of Tony Dennis' work continues to grow through the music decades and into the Contemporary Art realm. 

In 2018, French graffiti artist Invader contacted Tony and between them produced 10 giant pin badges for his month long LA exhibition 'Into the White Cube’.

Tony has worked with Hard Rock hotel chain and in November 2020 released 20 oversized Prodigy badges after the band contacted him. All 20 badges sold out within 4 minutes of going on sale.

In the summer of 2022, Tony was asked by the Weller family to exhibit 9 oversized badges for the ‘This is the Modern World’ exhibition in Brighton.