Contemporary Art with a Rock n'Roll edge!

You Killed Me First

You Killed Me First is the tag name of American street artist, Shawn Gatlin. His works appear in the streets of Las Vegas and Los Angeles where he is based, and are a celebration of Pop, Punk and Counterculture in all its forms. 

You Killed Me First’s signature style of ripped images collaged together is a labour intensive process - finding and matching celebrity portraits with their younger selves or cool contemporaries, to appear as the same piece, then creating the work as both a digital and physical collage.

These works appear both in the street as paste ups harking back to the iconic ripped posters of the French ‘decollage’ technique of the Nouveau Realisme Modern Art movement as well as a teenage bedroom wall. He also creates experimental original canvas collaged pieces hand made with resins, glitters and glosses for collectors. 

Alongside his paste ups, You Killed Me First’s street art has included a ‘Lost Bottle Project’ which takes discarded beer and wine bottles from the streets of Las Vegas, cleans and re-labels them with bold statements, and then returns them to the streets to be found again. He is also the only known street artist to have sneaked a work into the hallowed domain of Disneyland - the Haunted Mansion lawn became home to one of his odes to the famous ride. 

The Art Hound is proud to bring You Killed Me First to the UK exclusively to our gallery.